Thanks Kitchen Craft
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My husband and I decided to add the 16 qt stock pot to our Kitchen Craft collection this year with the intention of cooking our Thanksgiving turkey in it. I discovered your recipe for the “Stovetop Juicy Holiday Turkey” on your website and decided to give it a try. The recipe was for a 10 lb bird and we had a 20 pounder. We, a bit intimidated to be cooking the turkey on the stovetop, followed the recipe and adjusted the times for our large bird. The result was a Thanksgiving turkey that was juicy and wonderfully flavorful. Thanks Kitchen Craft for your wonderful product and recipe.
100-year Guarantee
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I bought my pans the year before my husband and I married in 1969. My husband-to-be was on a carrier outside of Vietnam and I was working and living with my parents. I was contacted by a salesman from Kitchen Craft after our engagement announcement was published in the St. Pete Times. I bought the whole set and still use all of them including the electric skillet. I don’t think I could buy another set in this day and time that would last 50 years. My pans are starting to show a little wear and my husband bought me a set at target for Christmas. I looked at them and immediately said these are going back because after cooking on the pans I have used there is no way I could use a cheap set so back to the store they went.

Amazing Product
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My mother bought this set when she was 16 years old in 1957. She new she would use it when she was married and had her own family. I remember cleaning them in my youth I know have my own family of children and grandchildren. I was washing the dishes at my moms 61 years later and she is still using them. What an amazing American made long lasting product.